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Sing irving berlin

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Yaala Ballin Sings Irving Berlin” (SteepleChase Records) originated in a concert entitled “His Name Was Israel Baline”.

The recording presents a wide selection of Berlin’s songs, from unforgettable standards including “Cheek To Cheek” and “Blue Skies”, to rarer gems such as “How Many Times?” and “Fools Fall In Love”. 

Featuring: Michael Kanan - Piano, Chris Flory - Guitar and Ari Roland - Bass.

“She illuminates each lyric’s meaning through bright inflections…A spirited tone reflects her rhythmic control.” - Downbeat Magazine 

“She is incapable of delivering the simplest line in a formulaic way.” - Jazz Lives

“Her phrasing and vocal dynamics are polished…her vocal tone clear and strong.” - New York City Jazz Review 

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